ActivationCloud is Your
Online Activation and
License Management Solution!
  • Manage your licenses with ActivationCloud easily.
  • Fire the keys via web remotely.
  • Use SaaS and classic licensing schemes.
  • Protect your products from key sharing, trial overriding, cracking
    and activating by keygens.
  • Integrate using C++ API to your windows applications quickly and efficiently.
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Nodelock Licenses
Issue non-expiring Keys for a single computer and a specific version of the product.
Nodelock SaaS
Issue time-limited Keys for a single computer regardless of the version of the product.
Product Trials
Enable time-limited trials for your product by switching the trigger in your account.
Network/Floating Licenses
Issue non-expiring Keys for a corporate network and a specified version of the product.
Network/Floating SaaS
Issue time-limited Keys for a corporate network regardless of the version of the product.
PayPal Integration
Use ActivationCloud WebAPI to fire keys after processing PayPal Express payments in your store.
Code Encryption*
Get powerful crack protection for your product. Binary code encryption makes cracking a hard task.
Integrity Check
Check the integrity of the product against digital signatures which are stored in ActivationCloud's database.
Code Self-Healing*
Make your product strong against infecting by viruses.
Customer Database
Keep your customer database in ActivationCloud so you can send them keys and updates quickly.
Automated Keys Sending
Send Keys to your customers while issuing them.
Message Delivery
Store messages in ActivationCloud and bring them up to your customers in your product.
Activation Statistics
Check which Keys were activated and see the dynamics of activations on line charts.
Use Activity Statistics
Monitor the use activity of your products on line charts.
Key Revoking
Revoke a key using a single click when your customer asks for the refund.
Key Upgrading
Upgrade the product's version for a license or extend SaaS term.
Seats Upgrading
Upgrade the number of seats for Network/Floating licenses.
Feature Management
Specify features of you product can be used with a key. Limit the number of times the feature can be consumed.
Counter Upgrading
Upgrade feature consuming limits for counter keys.
Bulk Keys
Fire multiple Keys for the uploaded list of customers.
*These features are not available for Linux yet
28 Sep 2013
You can bring up messages in your product.
(Core version 1.5.00)

25 Aug 2013
Bulk Key generation is available.
(Core version 1.3.54)

01 Aug 2013
Linux platform is supported.
(Core version 1.3.54)

12 Jul 2013
WebAPI for PayPal integration was added.
(Core version 1.3.53)

08 Apr 2013
Network/Floating Trials are available.
(Core version 1.3.50)

06 Jan 2013
Product's features management is available, you can limit the number of times each feature is consumed.
(Core version 1.3.00)